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Thread: How to get to Heerenveen

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    How to get to Heerenveen

    Im planning on making a trip to Heerenveen to watch a game.

    Im coming from England on the ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, I was just wondering how I would be able to get from Rotterdam port to Heerenveen by train, Is there a station at the rotterdam port, or would it be easier for me to get the bus straight to Amsterdam ?

    Any help on local hotels would be nice too!

    Thanks in Advance

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    From the port of Rotterdam you should take a bus to the central station, Rotterdam Centraal. From here it is a 2½ hours traintrip. There are 2 trains a hour: one direct train and one with a change at Amersfoort. Single is 27,10 euro and dayreturn 39,50. There are also (39,50 euro) weekendreturns valid between friday 19.00 and monday 4.00. Heerenveen has a few hotels which are not cheap. Note that Heerenveen is a small city of 28.000 inhabitants. The Thialf icerink is very far from the citycentre and public transport is not that good so a cab might be your only option. Tickets are very easy to get as matches never sell out.
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    Thread moved to The Hockey Tourist Forum. scoobster, you were in the right place (Benelux) but I think this is a better place for your thread. No hard feelings
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