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Thread: Arab Ice Hockey Federation

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    Arab Ice Hockey Federation

    With UAE busy preparing the IIHF Asia challenge cup in Abu Dhabi, we take this opportinity to announce the creation of an Arab Ice Hockey Federation.

    The Arab Ice Hockey Federation wont be an authority as the IIHF is, but will be more focused on working together for the progress of the sport in the Arab world. The Arab Cup was a good example of the good things that can happen if we work together.

    So far the members are Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and UAE, and we hope for Kuwait to join soon. With hockey being played in Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman and Qatar, we expect more countries to join in future.

    More news to come as things get more organised.

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    Sent an email via the contact link on the website, so did one of our team captains in regards to Bahrain joining. Hope to hear back very soon.

    Wish I was going to be around for the Arab Cup, but I am headed back to the US in Feb. The Sharks (Bahrain) are really looking forward to trying to take part in that and being a part of the Federation.

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