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Thread: Kiwi teen gets Canadian ice hockey chance

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    New Zealand Kiwi teen gets Canadian ice hockey chance

    The New Zealand Herald

    Gore teenager Dane Dunlop is heading to Canada to try out for a spot in Canada's Ice Hockey League - the first New Zealander to win such an opportunity.

    Dunlop will be one of 70-plus young hopefuls trying out for 22 places in the Dauphin Kings of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League on April 10.

    "I just want to get there and do my best," Dunlop said.

    "I'm a little nervous about all the fuss and media attention but I have so many people back home who have belief in me that I'm determined to give it my best shot."

    The league is a forerunner to the Western Hockey League, where players can play until the age of 20 before moving into semi-pro or pro hockey ranks. Salaries for National Hockey League players range from is US$545,000 to US$10 million ($962,047.66 to ($17.65 million).

    Dunlop played for Dunedin Thunder in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League last season, and athletic testing for skills both on and off the rink scored him within the top 3 per cent of ice hockey players in the world.

    "We are amazed at the strength in explosive power in such a young athlete who literally has done no training in those areas other than playing sport," said Phil Handcock, from Otago University's School of Physical Education, where the tests were carried out.

    "Physically he has the size and attributes of top international ice hockey players - with training and more skills coaching who knows how far he can go."

    His New Zealand coach, ex-pat Canadian Jenel Bode, said the opportunity was huge.

    "Ice hockey is to Canadians what rugby is to kiwis," Bode said.

    "Dane is a natural athlete and his full potential has not been challenged. This is a great opportunity for him to experience success in his sport."

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    What year of birth is he?
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    I think born 1991 (but will stand corrected)

    Not quite first, (e.g. Jordan Challis) but we haven't had many and its great for Hockey in NZ to get this.

    Congrads to Dane.

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    yes congrats to the young guy its a brillant oppturnity for him and can help make aware of hockey in nz

    wish him all the best in the try outs and hope he gets selected
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    Congratulations Dane. No, not the first, though. Martin Lee was invited to trial for Cornwall Colts (CJHL) last year. The difficulty for import players is getting the permission from a governing body to play, especially at junior A level and if granted, it is usually well into the season. Martin received the call up for the final camp, but was warned about the real difficulties regarding getting permission to play. Each year New Zealand is getting more players into overseas exposure and this is really improving the level of play. It's really great for NZ.
    One thing for Dane is that he is young and hopefully will have a few years to get established. A great adventure!

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    Any updates?

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    Dane returned to NZ. I don't think he made the team. He returned to play for the Southern Stampede in the NZIHL. There were a few kiwis who played in the GMHL (Jr A league in toronto area). Chris Eaden and Blake Jackson being the notable names.

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