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Thread: CHL coach takes part in Dubai Mighty Camels Tournament

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    CHL coach takes part in Dubai Mighty Camels Tournament

    New Mexico Scorpions head coach Randy Murphy will play in the 2009 Mighty Camel Tournament hosted by Dubai's famous Mighty Camels hockey team.
    Known as one of the top club tournaments in Asia.
    On Wednesday, April 15th the games will begin and end on Saturday, April 18th. Randy and brother Ron , who lives in Dubai,will play for one of the Camels Open Division teams. The tournament consists of 20 teams, divided into two divisions. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will consist of pool play before the championship round commences on Saturday.

    The following is the first entry of "Randy Murphy's Dubai Diary" (available on )"Had a skate last night at the Dubai Rink with the guys from the Dubai Mighty Camels League. They have about 150 guys in the league with a wide range of talent. We played with a few guys who are Emiratis (UAE National). The Nationals were actually very good skaters."

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    Cool, I liked it.

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