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Thread: Looking for video help of team norway under 18 WC

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    Looking for video help of team norway under 18 WC

    Hi guys i am looking to find out if the World under 18 championship game from North Dakota usa Norway vs Russia from 4/12/09 was shown on telivision in norway??
    If yes did anyone happen to record this game??
    I am looking to find a copy on dvd of this game.

    If anyone can help me out please send me a message.
    I can offer you an exchange of games on DVD. I have a large collection of international games on dvd to offer.

    Ok thank you for any help you can give me


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    I don`t have the game on DVD but check out they have all the games from the championships in their archives. Maybe you could send an enquiry or something about buying dvd`s.

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