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Thread: Tickets to KHL games

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    I guess i'll post my question on this topic...

    I'm thinking about travelling around Russia and would like to make it match with some hockey games... But as a follower of Nefthekimik, I was told Nizhnekamsk has zero tourism infrastructure...

    Is it better to catch them on an outside trip in a more "touristic" area ? Anyone knows about that ?
    Thanks a lot ! == Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk english blog. Fun times !

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    You are probably better off just waiting for them to come to a bigger city with more things to do, Nizhnekamsk doesnt have much to offer. However, some people like that for short stays. You get away from tourist things, you may get more of a joy out of just being in the city, walking around and seeing it, watching home of your favourite clubs at home.

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    How can you not want to visit Neftekhimik! It looks amazing!

    Dinamo Riga, Manchester Storm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garethw87 View Post
    How can you not want to visit Neftekhimik! It looks amazing!

    Haha to me it doesn't look any worse than parisians suburbs

    But for the moment, I think I'll wait for a game in Prague or Bratislava to go see them play... == Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk english blog. Fun times !

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    I'll be travelling to Moscow for a week in December, so I'm planning to visit a hockey game, preferably CSKA - Dynamo Moscow on Sunday the 14th.
    Do you guys think that I should be able to get a ticket 4 days before the game at the arena? Or is it possible that it will be sold out before that?


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