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Thread: Afghanistan - Hockey at "The Boardwalk"

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    Afghanistan - Hockey at "The Boardwalk"

    Came across the following couple of articles and though the rink looked "different"...

    Looks like Hockey without ice and often (?) without skates, but frequently between canadians and americans...


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    There's a very well-organised ball-hockey league (basically street hockey, but on a rink) run by the Canadian Forces troops out in Kandahar. Friend of mine just came back from a year there, playing on the civilian team (he says they got their butts kicked regularly, even by the Logistics guys... but they did manage to beat the Signals troops a couple times). The level of play is apparently very good, the games are fast-paced, and it's a great workout.

    The league usually includes approx. 10 teams, 2 of them American. (size changes depending on who's posted where at a given time). The French Canadian combat engineers of the "Van Doos" (22nd) were apparently annihilating all comers when Andrew hopped a plane home a couple weeks ago.

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    I bet it gets cold enough in Tora Bora for ice hockey and I'm sure you have lakes or ponds up there where you could play ice hockey for maybe a few weeks of the year.

    Is there any ice rink in Kabul??

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