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Thread: Favorite Moments of 2008/2009 CHL

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    Favorite Moments of 2008/2009 CHL

    The Champions Hockey League was an extremely pleasurable ice hockey competition and a tease for what is possible on the European Club hockey stage. It has been taken away from us for a while and as we sit here and hope for its return I wanted to ask, what were your favorite moments of the inaugural (hopefully not only) season of the Champions Hockey League?

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    my favourite moments were the final games between Zurich and Magnitogorsk. I'm absolutelly not a fan of Zurich, but this was an International Tournament, so therefore I was a Swiss fan..... first game in Magnitogorsk was more impressing for me, than the second game in Rapperswil...

    another favourite moment was the games between Zurich and Prague in Prague = 4:0 for Zurich in the last period.....unbelievable...
    Cheers, Franco

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