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Thread: National Championship Kyrgyzstan

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    National Championship Kyrgyzstan

    Games played 24/25 January 2009 at Chayek. Seven teams played, but I know only the best three:

    Final Standing:

    1. Dordoi-Alatoo
    2. Tenti-Ake
    3. Tynaly

    First (?) National Champion 2009: Dordoi-Alatoo
    Cheers, Franco

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    The official championship of Kyrgyzstan on Hockey is not present...

    Tournament passing 2009 is not on January, 24-25th the championship, it посвещен memories of known politician Erkinbeka Matyeva, in it accepted participations:
    1. Dordoi-Ala-Too (Naryn)
    2. Tenti-Ake (Dzhumgalsky area)
    3. Tynaly (Dzhumgalsky area)
    And commands from Bishkek, Karakol, Erkin-Farm (Naryn), Dair (Cholpon-Aty), Kyzyl Zhldyz (Naryn area)

    And tournament is spent very much for a long time, 5 years on end winner became Dordoi-Ala-Too (Naryn)

    Also on February, 7-8th 2009 tournament in the Cup of the mayor of Naryn was held, 4 commands have taken part in competitions from Dzhumgalsky area and one of the city of Cholpon-Aty.

    On February, 25th 2009 National team of a city of Bishkek has won in final fight for a rank of the champion of capital of Kyrgyzstan on ice hockey a national team of Dzhumgalsky area 7:3.

    In 2008 tournament to 100 years IIHF was held
    It has passed on February, 10th 2008 in Cholpon-Ata

    "Dordoi-Ala-Too" (Naryn)
    "Tenti-Ake" (Dzhumgalsky area)
    "Erkin-Farm" (Naryn)
    "Dair" (Cholpon-Aty)
    źKyzyl Zhldyz╗ (Naryn area)
    "Karakol" (Karakol)

    In general tournaments it is spent much, but the high-grade championship to collect and it is not possible...
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