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Thread: Patrick Thoresen chances of Returning to NHL

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    Patrick Thoresen chances of Returning to NHL

    Any thoughts on Patrick's chances of returning to the NHL? I thought he did a good job with Edmonton and the Flyers and unfortunately was buried behind a lot of skill players in Phiadelphia. I definitely think he could be a third liner with scoring touch or a second liner with a gritty aspect. He has played well in all of Norway's games against major nations and has proved he can survive at the NHL level. Love his style of play

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    I think he should have good chances of returning to the NHL. Last year he had a great season in The Swiss league and this year he is having a very good season in the KHL in Russia. He is currently 6th. in the league on points and number 1 in the +/- stats.
    He has stated that his goal is to get back to the NHL again. I think a lot depends on his performance in the upcoming olympics.

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