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    hockey jerseys

    A brief history.
    In the 25 years that i am a goalie i have collected an amount of jerseys, some cool, some plain, some rare, some not, some are mine, some are my bro's, some swapped and some are gifts, some are earned, all happened to cross my path by cheer luck or due to (my) history taking place and that is why i kept them.



    VTJ Pribram, Czech, got this from a guy playing in the army division when i was on hockey camp as a youngster.

    Practice jersey from the Canucks, got this from Jim from the GSBB, when he and his lovely wife visited Belgium.

    canadian jersey from the winterolympics, i got this from friends of my parents when they went there, in my young and sinfull days i ripped of the shoulderlogo's, which i still regret.

    Edmonton oil kings, my first jersey for a jersey trade with ryan from edmonton
    and for me a token of a friendship that came from this.

    Blue Fox, danish team. got it from my brother who got it from a guy that played there.

    beauport harfangs jersey, got it from my brother who trained with them, it was marcel cousineau's

    HYC Hycat, jerseys from a junior team playing in the second division in Belgium, i played there when i was 17.

    HYC VDV, first division Belgium, my brothers jersey when he was 16 and played his first season in the top division in belgium.

    Olympia Heist op den berg. Belgian elite.

    Kemphanen Eindhoven, Elite holland. this is my brothers jersey, from the year we both played in elite holland and we both played for different teams.

    Ice giants, Turnhout, a rec team i played for.

    Tilburg trappers, Elite Holland.

    Blue elks, a rec team made out of employies of ericsson belgium, consisted out of frenchmen, finns, belgians etc.
    got it as a gift after a tournement in which we wont the final of them.

    eaters Geleen, elite holland.

    very rare belgian 1960 era national jersey, this is the last one, i know because i took it out of the pack before they got destroyed. it also was the only one with the label on the chest.

    Belgian national team 1970's jersey, got this from a guy who's dad designed this jersey.

    Dutch national team, 1990's i defended this color and jersey 9 years as a junior, 4 World championships and 6 European Championships.
    I got some pics with the later editions from nike, if i find it i'll scan it and post it too.

    some other memorabilia

    one of the teamjackets i still got from the dutch national team.

    cap team USA, 1980's, i got this from Bill Zito Who played a season in belgium, he now is a sports agent with lots of NHL'ers so it seems.
    (if anybody knows how i could have this repaired, the plastic broke and ripped out, i would love to know how so i can clean and repair it for putting it in my trophy cupboard)

    yup that is correct, a Cap from team Israel, due to shifts in the poules mid 90's, they got put in the same poule as holland, denmark and england amoungst others.
    traded it for a pair of baggy skaterpants, that were tough to find in Israel so it seems.

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    Hello Pun!

    A very nice set of jerseys, thank you!

    Because I haven't seen that much Belgian and Dutch jerseys, especially thank you for them!

    All the best

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    I love the Pribram jersey. Can we get in touch?
    Best wishes, Chris

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    Love the colors on that Tilburg Trappers sweater. That 1960's era Belgian national is a real beaut.
    Bringing ice hockey to Northwest China!

    I'm the hole formerly known as KazakhEagles

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    Any chance to get in touch with user PUNISHER? I can't message him as I don't have enough posts...?
    Would be really appreciated.

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