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Thread: Team USA 1952

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    Team USA 1952

    Early 1952, I guess, Team USA played a friendly game in Sundsvall, Sweden. I saw the game with my father. I believe that it was a warm up to the winter Olympics in Oslo, Norway but Iím not sure. My father, who spoke no English, managed to get the autographs of the following players and leaders:

    Bob (something-difficult to read), Manager
    Connie (something-difficult to read), Coach

    Don Whiston, goalie # 0
    Rube Bjorkman, goalie
    Dick Desmond, goalie
    Bob Rompre, # 4
    Allen Van, # 20
    Jim Sedin, # 12
    Arnie Oss
    Jerry Kilmartin
    Ken Yackel
    John Mulhern
    Cliff Harrison, # 14
    John Noah, # 9
    ďRedĒ Czarnota, # 3

    I would be very happy if anyone could help me with
    -the full names of the manager and the coach
    -the date of the game
    -why Lenny Ceglarski and Andre Gambucci didnít play

    (crazy) Swede
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    I'm afraid I don't know enough to help you, though I should ask why the Malaysian flag would have anything to do with the content of this thread?
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    The 1952 U.S. Olympic team manager was Robert (Bob) Ridder and
    the coach was John (Connie) Pleban, of Eveleth, Minnesota.

    The date of the match in Sundsvall was 9 March 1952, following
    the post-Olympic tournament of the Ahearne Cup, held in Stockholm
    from 27 February to 2 March 1952.

    Not certain about the status of Ceglarski and Gambucci for that
    game, perhaps they were rested and given the match off.
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    Sorry for no ideas...
    But you can try the WIkipedia...
    You may get a surprise on it.
    Good Luck,man.
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