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Thread: Peter Skudra

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    Peter Skudra

    Did Skudra ever play for the Latvian National Program? If not does anyone know the reason?
    If yes What years and tournaments?


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    He has a very short history of playing in the Latvian national team - 2 games at 1993 World Championship C division and 25 minutes in 1997 World Championship, which was the first A-division World Championship for the Latvian team since the collapse of USSR.

    He was the starting goalie in the opening game against USA. After he let three goals in, he asked to get changed, as he had injured his palm.

    Juris Klodans finished the game and played also the second and third games. After the unforgettable 3:3 tie against Canada, Arturs Irbe arrived.

    Apparently, at some point during the tournament Skudra was heavily insulted by coaches or/and federation leaders(it is very uncertain, what exactly happened), so that he refused any further invitations to the national team.

    Actually, it was rather funny that before each tournament president of the Latvian federation Kirovs Lipmans promised that Skudra will arrive and will play. He did it up to Skudra's retirement in 2007.

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